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Current Residence: Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: Dorothea Lange
:iconvegtomato: Interviewed me about how, why and when I became a Vegetarian. You can find the interview on his site as well as my art here

Here is the English version of the interview, for anyone who's interested:

(1) When and why did you decide to go vegetarianism?
I decided to finally go vegetarian when I was about 17. For me there are many reasons that I became a vegetarian. I am strongly against violence and I believe the killing involved with meat production is a form a violence, that I'm not willing to support. The meat production industry is also responsible for greatly contributing to many of the environmental issues we are facing today. Being an environmental and peace activist I cannot allow myself support the meat production industry by eating any type of meat, which includes seafood.

(2)Was there any special event/people or anything inspired you?
I don't think there was really a specific event that caused me to stop eating meat. I went back and forth between eating all, some and no meat for quite some time before I finally stopped for good. Videos on the PETA website may have influenced my decision somewhat.

(3)How long have you been a vegetarian?
I haven't eaten meat or seafood in about 2 and a half years.

(4)How long did you take to convert from a carnivorous to a vegetarian?
Well I wouldn't say that I was carnivorous, more like omnivorous. I did eat some meat, but mostly relied on other types of food, even as a kid I didn't much like the taste of meat. I probably started trying to go vegetarian around the age of 10. My parents convinced me it wasn't a good idea at that age, so I went back to eating meat, then decided to stop eating red meat around the age of 12, then I think I tried not eating meat at all again and my parents convinced me again that it wasn't healthy, so I stuck to eating chicken, turkey and tuna until I was 17ish.

(5)How do you feel as a vegetarian?
I feel it was the best decision I have ever made. I never want to eat meat again.

(6)What is meaing of vegetarianism to you? Did you find it difficult to go vegetarian? Any struggle?
I believe a vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat meat at all. I also consider poultry and all types of seafood to be meat.
I did miss eating certain types of meat for a while and would get some cravings for certain foods, but it wasn't overly difficult for me. I knew it was the best thing for me and I stuck to it. Sometimes it is a little frustrating when there aren't as many options for vegetarians, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on food containing meat, if I did feel that way than I would simply start eating meat again.

(7)Does your family and friends support your decision?
My family supports my decision now... I eventually stopped eating meat for a week without telling them and then they couldn't convince me it was unhealthy anymore. They did encourage me to do research to make sure I was getting enough protein and proper nutrition from other sources of food though. Most of my friends are supportive, although some do try to tease me a lot about the food I do or don't choose to eat.

(8)What do they think about your going vegetarianism?
They are fairly accepting and some find it inspirational, but some only have negative things to say about it or don't understand why I choose not to eat meat.

(9)What is result of becoming a vegetarian? For example, health better or anything else?
I haven't been a vegetarian long enough to see any long term effects, but I feel healthier and happier now that I'm not eating meat. I feel like I am positively promoting my beliefs in every aspect of my life now as well.

(10) Will being a vegetarianism trouble/affect your relationship with others? If any, how did you deal with it? And, any friend of you is vegetarian/vegan?
I don't really have any friends that are veg or vegan, some tried but gave up or decided it wasn't for them. It doesn't impact my relationships too much, although I would like to raise my potential children vegetarian, so that may become a problem with my relationships in the future.

(11)How about the vegetarianism/veganism in your country and city you live?
My country and city are fairly veggie friendly, it is becoming more and more accepted with more options for food choices each day.

(12)How does young generation’s thought of vegetarianism/vegan in your country? How does old generation’s thought of vegetarianism/vegan in your country and city?
Younger people are more accepting of vegetarians as more and more choose that lifestyle. I've found that a lot of older generations are too used to the ways of their ancestors and have been eating meat for their entire lives, they don't exactly understand why someone would choose not to. Although some older people are choosing to become vegetarians as the health benefits become more and more evident.

(13)Do you observe any change of people’s thought on vegetarianism/veganism in your country/city right now?
It is slowly becoming more accepted.

(14)Where do you live now? Is there any vegetarian/vegan restaurant around the city you live?
I live in Ontario, Canada. There are many vegetarian options at popular restaurants in my city, but I don't know of any restaurants with a full vegetarian menu.

(15)Can you name it so that if our readers happen to visit your city that will be a good reference.
I like East Side Marios because the vegetarian options are labeled with a V on the menu. Although you need to be careful because some restaurants consider chicken and seafood vegetarian options. Italian food usually has some good veggie options, and Vietnamese is the only type of food that I have ever seen with things like imitation chicken on their menu and available in things like stir frys.

(16)Is there any vegetarian/vegan society in your country? Are they active? Did you take part in?
I'm not sure, I don't take part in one.

(17)Do you prepare meal for yourself? If so, how do you manage it?
I often prepare my own meals, I try to eat lots of veggies, grains and nuts. So I eat nuts in salads or as a snack, buy multigrain bread and pastas and I eat lots of cereal. Some of my favourite meals to make are salads, veggie burgers/dogs, Imitation chicken, pastas, soups, sanwhiches/wraps etc.

(18)What do you normally have in one day?
Normally I eat cereal for breakfast or fruit and yogurt, nuts or yogurt as snacks, a wrap or sandwhich for lunch with either peanut butter or lettuce, hummous, cheese, cucumber, tomato, etc. And veggie burger with salad and/or pasta for supper.

(20)Do you take any supplement?
I take a multivitamin

(21)Do you think that you have enough nutrition as a vegetarian?
I think I eat fairly well, sometimes I feel a bit tired or just odd if I don't take my vitamin for a while or eat poorly.

(22)Is there any traditional meal of your country is vegetarian/vegan?
Maybe salads? Most Canadian snacks are vegetarian.

(23)Is there any special day people can take vegetarian/vegan meal only?
I think Catholics like to cut out meat on Friday or something, other than that, not really.

(24)What is the key point you think to make a delicious vegetarian/vegan cuisine?
Make what you like, without meat.

(25)What is the key point you think to convert to a vegetarian/vegan?
Make sure it is the best decision for you. I believe anyone can be a vegetarian, but you have to be willing to not eat meat.

(26)IS there any celebrity is vegetarian/vegan in your country for reference? And, which one of them you like the best?
I'm not really sure

(27)In addition, for readers to know more about you, Can you introduce a brief about yourself so that the readers can know about you?
Well my name is Alycia, I'm a Graphic Design Student, I'm a strong believer in peace including human and animal rights and I am an environmentalist. If you would like to know anything more about me, just send me a comment/note. And I would appreciate it if you would check out my gallery here

(28)Would you like to say something to our readers? Or Any recommendation?
Hmm, I guess maybe try going vegetarian if you are considering it and if you don't like it you can always go back to eating meat. The best advice I could give would be to start small by cutting out some meat and working up to vegetarianism. Also make sure to do your research and stay healthy!

Thanks for the interview!
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